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Offender Management System

Better Information. Better Security. Better Outcomes

Effective offender management is a key element of public safety—it is highly complex, and brings with it many challenges: sharing critical information with various partners, effectively rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders, and operating secure facilities.

These challenges must be addressed while working within tight budgetary constraints.  Furthermore, any OMS system must be able to adapt to on-going changes in the corrections field.

CORIS is a web-based offender management system (OMS) that enables jurisdictions to manage offenders under community and institutional supervision.

CORIS implements a single electronic offender record and centralized database that authorized stakeholders use to obtain a thorough view of the offender's history, current status, risk profile, and sentencing/release information – all in real time.

Thanks to its cutting-edge, n-tier Microsoft.NET architecture, CORIS is easy to maintain and modify, while providing a lower total cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

CORIS offers a complete feature set that encompasses institutional management, community supervision and offender financials management, providing your organization with:

  • Better Information

    With real-time access to accurate offender information

  • Better Security

    By reducing classification, release and data entry errors

  • Better Outcomes

    By giving your organization a complete view of the offender