When it comes to
project rescue missions,
creativy is key.

IT Project Recovery

Since its creation in 1996, Abilis has been involved in IT project recovery on many occasions. Abilis has developed an expertise to address such difficult situations.

Typical Causes of IT Projects Failures

  • Poor definition of the project and specifications
  • Poor project management
  • Poor change request management
  • Poor resource scheduling and time management
  • Poor communication
  • Poor cost estimation and control
  • Lack of clear leadership
  • Conflict amongst team members

Our involvement typically beginning with an audit where we state the current situation and provide recommendations.

This exercise is crucial in order to understand the situation and gather the relevant information. The team then confronts obstacles and challenges with a problem-solving attitude and a red-flag culture that seeks solutions, not blame.

We can assist a client in a number of ways when a project is in difficulty: from assessing the problem to building the recovery plan to implementing the recommendations.

We gain the confidence of the team and get everyone on-board and focused on the goal: success of the project.

The result: Instead of pointing fingers, people are working on the solution and collaborating.