From strategy to evaluating EMR functionalies,
we are taking healthcare
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Healthcare IT Solutions

Enhancing Healthcare Delivery and Business Effectiveness through IT Strategy

At Abilis, our vision is to help our healthcare clients institute IT strategies that increase clinical effectiveness, business effectiveness, employee effectiveness, patient satisfaction, cost and efficiency improvements, performance improvements, and market penetration.

Our Healthcare IT Services

  • Strategic Planning

    Because of substantial investments in healthcare IT, a healthcare organization’s IT strategy must be focused on creating and measuring maximum business value. Abilis IT Strategic Planning services help your organization balance innovation, security, compliance, and budget management.

    IT Strategic Planning Services:

    • Strategic plan analysis and development
    • IT budget management and financial analysis
    • IT communication planning
    • Management controls reviews
    • IT Risk management
  • EMR System and Vendor Selection

    There are hundreds of EMR applications and vendors. Without a proper strategy and plan, it is easy to select the wrong EMR application or vendor for your organization. Selecting an EMR that does not fit your organization can be devastating. Abilis EMR System Selection services help your organization choose the right EMR and take the first step toward a successful EMR adoption and “meaningful use.”

    EMR System Selection Services

    • Organizational and Cultural EMR Readiness Assessment
    • Organizational and Cultural EMR Adoption Support Plan
    • Workflow Analysis and Requirements Definition
    • RFP Development and Response Analysis
    • Formal Selection Process
  • EMR System Implementation

    The biggest risk in adopting a new EMR system is actually implementing it. EMR implementation projects can go off course quickly. Ultimately, a successful implementation requires end-user support, project planning, and risk management. Failure in these areas can result in missed deadlines, budget overruns, operational inefficiencies, and damaged patient and employee relationships.

    EMR System Implementation Services

    • Risk Assessment & Risk Management Planning
    • Implementation Strategy
    • Implementation Planning
    • Vendor Management
    • Project Management
    • End-user Preparation and Training Plan
    • Test Plan Creation and Execution
    • Go – Live Support
  • Healthcare System Integration

    The complexities of integrating two disparate systems are often misunderstood and underestimated. Either by choice or default, most healthcare organizations must integrate many systems such as: practice management to EMR to billing. Improper integration can lead to substantial downtime, process and workflow inefficiency, data and information loss, and lack of or poor reporting. Abilis Healthcare System Integration services help your organization create effective business process by linking critical healthcare management and information systems.

    System Integration Services

    • Application Integration Strategy and Planning
    • Integration Solution Design
    • Integration Quality Assurance Planning
    • Integration Development
    • Integration Testing
    • Go – Live Support
  • Compliance

    Most people in healthcare agree that HIPAA has not been rigorously enforced. However, the new HITECH Act introduces the term “Willful Neglect.” Now, covered entities that have a cavalier attitude about HIPAA assume a higher risk. Civil penalties for willful neglect rise to $250,000 and to $1.5 million for repeat violations; State Attorneys General can now bring actions on behalf of State residents; and HHS is now required to conduct periodic audits of covered entities. Abilis Compliance services can help your organization comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security, HiTech, and Red Flags.

    Compliance Services:

    1. HIPAA Security & Privacy Compliance Assessment
    2. HIPAA Policy and Procedure Development
    3. HIPAA Training
    4. HiTech and Red Flags Compliance Assessment
    5. Internal Audit – management controls review
  • HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Plan

    For all businesses, without a plan, surviving a disaster is a significant challenge.
    For healthcare organizations that must continue to care for patients while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information during a crisis, a comprehensive HIPAA compliant Business Continuity Plan is a must.
    Abilis Business Continuity services can help your organization protect its business and be HIPAA compliant.

    Business Continuity Planning Services:

    1. Formal Risk and Business Impact Analysis
    2. Disaster Recovery Plan
    3. Pandemic Preparedness
    4. Data Backup and Recovery Strategy
    5. Emergency Operations