While aptitude
may determine competency,
attude dictates success.


Are you a team player?
Do you want to work with open-minded, creative problem solvers who brainstorm openly?
Do you want to passionately develop technical solutions to business problems?

We need people that enjoy discovering and sharing knowledge. We need people that aren't afraid to learn from one another and try new approaches.

Do you like to ask questions and forge a path ahead? Come and work for us and be a part of a multi-disciplinary team.

We guarantee that you will learn a lot as you work on a wide-range of business IT solutions.

Abilis offers a competitive salary and benefits package and a dynamic work environment that is far from monotonous and routine. We are flexible employers who invest in our employees and focus on creating long-term sustainable value for our customers.

Please send us your resumé in MS-Word or RTF format via e-mail.