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SMARTRAK geo-marketing portal.


How is it possible to define an audience calculation for a moving ad?

Produce metrics equivalent to standard media (fixed board, newspaper) audience evaluation?


Abilis Solutions delivered a secure geo-marketing solution known as SMARTRAK based on equipment mounted on-board a vehicle memorizing the GPS location. It is an on-line portal as well as a complex mathematical model to measure the audience of a mobile marketing campaign.


  • Detailed impact analysis for each advertising campaign.
  • Comparison between the audience of a mobile campaign and other traditional media.
  • Ability to better select drivers and routes for the purposes of the campaigns.
  • Visibility predictions of campaigns and mileage forecasts.
  • Geo-marketing service offering a monthly investment below $10 a month per vehicle.


  • Statistical reports to track the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Interactive maps showing density distribution and vehicle tracking.
  • Association of drivers and campaign events.
  • Pinpointing of the movements of a vehicle for specific campaigns.
  • Self-serve capabilities for administrators and advertisers.

Technologies and partners

  • Linux
  • Postgres
  • JMAP, GPS, JAVA and PDAs.  
  • KHEOPS Technologies.