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Air Transport & Travel

In the air transport and travel industry, IT plays a critical role by allowing the transfer of ever-changing information in real-time between several stakeholders around the world.

Abilis developed a range of solutions tailored to these unique challenges of by combining mobility, flexibility and secure information sharing, from an extranet portal allowing to communicate with thousands of users around the world to a mobile check-in solution for passengers.

  • IATA Webstar External Portal

    IATA Webstar Portal

    Abilis developed a solution that allows IATA to manage and communicate with its 15,000 members.

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  • Mobile Flight Check-In

    Mobile flight check-in

    In partnership with Bell Canada, Abilis delivered the first ever flight check-in application for web-enabled cell phones in North America.

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  • Mobile POS Solution


    Tailwind is a point-of-sale solution specifically designed to manage on-board sales.

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  • Authentication and Access Management


    Abilis delivered a unique authentication solution allowing Bombardier's employees and partners in Europe and North America to access the main enterprise applications.

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  • Employee Portal

    Employee Portal

    Abilis developed a portal for a major airline company that allows nearly 50,000 users worldwide to access tools and applications for employees.

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  • Website Redesign

    Website Redesign

    Abilis redefined a major tour operator's website, improving its ergonomy and simplifying content management.

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