Our unique approach to project management
drives efficiency
and qualy.

Project Management Practice

Diligent project management is the key to project success.

Our project management skills set us apart. We communicate project objectives, specifications, and progress clearly and in business terms throughout the project.

  • We maintain control of project time and budgets, by closely managing project changes and risks.
  • We evaluate the impact of changes and analyze costs and benefit to arrive at enlightened decisions.
  • We can provide classic and iterative project management methodologies to build solutions that best serve our customers.

Our Unique Approach: The IC2 Methodology

Abilis has developed a proprietary AGILE software development methodology named IC2 . This methodology was created based on two main principles:

  1. No two projects are alike: an approach used on a project will not have the same outcome on another.
  2. Processes and practices should not be reinvented for every new project: drawing on existing approach and techniques drives efficiency.

The IC2 methodology aims to find the right balance between these considerations.

Rapid and Efficient Development

IC2 is an iterative methodology based on AGILE and Unified Process software development methods. It provides frameworks and templates applied to fit each project, which drives rapid development cycles.

Our Innovation Center environment allows us to leverage IC2 by enabling fast and effective communication between cross-functional teams. Reviews and quality checks of deliveries at the end of each iteration can be more easily performed: teams are thus given constant feedback.

Managing client expectations

IC2 also ensures that customer expectations are taken into account at every step of the project and eventually met. Each project team includes a customer advocate, whose mandate is to maintain and prioritize project requirements and ensure that the project delivers maximum business benefit in a minimum timeframe.

Throughout the project cycle, complete transparency is maintained , allowing customers to understand and contribute on a daily basis to the development of the solution.