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CORIS enters a "New Era of Evolution"

Abilis New England is pleased to usher the CORIS Offender Management System into a new era of evolution.

With the acquisition of xwave New England effective June 2, 2009, Abilis has assumed the stewardship of the CORIS platform. This is a defining moment for CORIS, and positions the solution for a new era marked by accelerated advancement and further injection of advanced technology.

“Abilis is highly energized to take the CORIS solution forward for the corrections domain. We understand the importance of the public safety mandate that corrections agencies serve every day” said Eric Le Goff, President of Abilis. “As a supplier of enterprise-class software to this sector, we take our role with the utmost seriousness. Abilis is committed to providing world-class technology to the corrections industry as a trusted partner, and we look forward to the advancements we will bring to the CORIS solution.”