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Abilis' 2015 CORIS® Symposium was a true success!
Abilis held its first edition of the CORIS® Symposium on May 5,6th 2015. The theme of the 2015 CORIS® Symposium was “People, Technology & Partnership!” The objective of the CORIS® Symposium was to bring together our cli...


Abilis at the CTA Summit!
Abilis was present at the Corrections Technology Association (CTA) Summit held from June 1st through June 3rd. Rick Davis, our VADOC customer, is the President of this association.  During this Summit, Abilis offered, in partnership...


LIDS Conference in Richmond Virginia…Abilis was there!
The State Compensation Board (Commonwealth of Virginia) held a two-day conference (June 13th & 14th) on Local Inmate Data System (LIDS) with LIDS Technicians and LIDS Advisory Committee members. The objective of this conference was to in...


Abilis New England Announces Deployment of CORIS Release 5.3 for the State of Maine Department of Corrections
New Features Provide Added Functionality for Managing Maine’s State Prisoner and Community Offender Information PORTLAND, Maine – Abilis New England (“Abilis” ), a leading software solutions provider with a successful...


Virginia Department of Corrections is a Finalist for COVITS Award - VirginiaCORIS Integrated Offender Drug Testing
Portland, Friday, September 14th, 2012 – Abilis New England congratulates its customer, the Virginia Department of Corrections, for being a finalist for the prestigious COVITS Award (Commonwealth of Virginia’s Innovative Technology Symposi...